O Christmas Tree!

The best part of having Jeremiah home for the holidays this year is that we get to start making our own traditions!  We got to get all the Christmas decorations out and put up the tree today.  We even made some stovetop popcorn to make the garland. :)  I am so excited about how it turned out!

Happy Thanksgiving!

What a great day!  This week has been all around fantastic!  It snowed starting on Monday, and because the roads were bad I had the rest of Monday off, Tuesday and Wednesday!  So I spent the days getting the house ready for the holiday. I got almost everything ready before Thursday, or at least prepped and ready to go.

My favorite things to make for Thanksgiving are my Apple Pie and my Great-Granny Kennedy's Stuffing. Both of which turned out amazing this year.  Jeremiah woke up extra early and started smoking the fresh turkey that we got from Tacoma Boys.  We had some friends over and filled our bellies of smoked turkey and all the fixins!

I hope all of you had a great holiday filled with family, 
friends and great food!

One Month to Go!

Oh my goodness!  Tori and I spent the entire day accomplishing wedding planning madness!  We started off by having a yummy breakfast at Common Grounds, a local coffee shop/bar combo here in Fayetteville.  They have amazing coffee and food, and I love getting to go there while I'm in town.

After satisfying my local appetite, we headed over to The Event Group.  Shellie Morrison is an absolute blessing, and has really helped to pull everything together for the big day!  We got to sit down and really set out a timeline and how the room can be set up for the wedding.

Our next stop was at  Festivities Tents & Events to talk to them about the linen rentals.  They have such a great selection, and were extremely helpful with getting the right look for everything.

Next we had a meeting with Collin at The Fayetteville Town Center.  I got a peak at the room for the reception and we used this amazing software program to do the layout for everything.  It looks like we might need to change the room that we rented for the big day, but hopefully it will work out in the next week or so.

We also met with Mark from Sound Junkie today.  He is one of my vendors that I got to meet in person for the first time during this visit, and he was fantastic!  He really helped with going through the order of events for the reception and had some great suggestions for songs to play during different things.  We also got to chit chat a little bit about the Army, Lol!

Somehow during all of these appointments we also managed to go to Hobby Lobby, the Alpha Delta Pi house, the florist to set an appointment, and a few other errands too!

After all the running around we did all day, we made our way to Mimi's Cafe in Rogers.  I used to work there years ago, and it's like going to visit family when we stop in there.  A nice glass of wine and a delicious meal was a great way to end the hectic day!

Once we got home, I still seemed to have a lot of energy, so I went to work on making the card box for the reception.  I found a blog online last night that had directions on how to make one that was super cute.  As I mentioned earlier, we picked up everything that we needed from Hobby Lobby.  Check out the finished product!

Gobble Gobble!

It's just around the corner, and the plans are starting to take shape... 

It is one of my favorite holidays, as it involves large quantities of delicious comfort foods and the gathering of friends and family.  And this year, Jeremiah and I are hosting some of the single soldiers at our house since they may not have anywhere to go for the holiday.  I definitely think that it is a better alternative than eating at the chow hall on a holiday that is meant to celebrate friendship and coming together.

We ordered our turkey today from a local grocery store, and I am really excited to get to have a fresh turkey instead of a frozen one.  It tastes so much better!  Other items on the menu include:

Cranberry Orange Relish
Sweet Beets
Green Bean Casserole
Corn Bread
Sweet Potato Casserole
Acorn Squash with Brown Sugar and Walnuts
Granny Kennedy's Turkey Stuffing

Jeremiah has also requested a selection of five kinds of pie.. although he hasn't narrowed down what kinds he would like.  He is very excited about the pies :)  I will probably make an apple pie and one other here at the house and then order the other three from a local bakery.

Chocolate and Satin

My sister has been in town this weekend and it's been nice to get some girl time in and work on some wedding things.  Abbie comes down from Alaska every few months, and we get to hang out for a few days.

Today we went to a bridal gown fitting at Elizabeth's Alterations.  My dress looks absolutely fabulous!  I am so excited about how it's turned out and can hardly wait for Jeremiah to see me in it.  I also got to take my veil home with me so that next week, when I get my hair done as a test run, we can make sure it works.

Tonight we also tested out my tattoo cover-up and it works really well.  I just need to get a tan so that it will blend better with my skin! I am also thinking about going back and getting the lighter color of the makeup.  It's definitely too dark right now!  But I am happy that I will get to cover up my back tattoo and it wont be a distraction from my beautiful dress.

Also exciting is that I was able to find a perfect fit for my favors!  I had ordered some really cute stickers a couple of months ago, and I was hoping that they would fit on the bottom of some large Hershey Kisses.  And they do!  So excited for sharing these with everyone!

Keep it Simple...

Today I began my search for the perfect way to show off my man on our big day.  I am not that big into fashion.. I mean, I wear the same thing to work everyday (thank goodness!) and the only reason I know what a cummerbund is is because I was in marching band in high school where we sported silver metallic ones for our competitions (good times!).

So as I opened the Mens Wearhouse website and began to delve into the various styles (Modern, Classic, Romantic, or Traditional) and color coordinated looks, I felt a little intimidated.  Jeremiah and I are pretty simple.  We keep it low key and uncluttered and streamlined.  It works for us.  So the fact that you can't just get a basic suit to rent (Since I have already purchased the perfect Apple Green ties for the wedding party) is a little frustrating.  And although I know that if I asked him to he would wear the whole gettup with the vest and suspenders and the this that and the other, I just don't see the point.  He looks fantastic in just about everything, so can't we just keep it simple?

As we get closer to the wedding day, I can really see why people start to think about just eloping!  No wonder the wedding industry is still thriving, despite the economy.  Everyone is trying to out do each other with the cutest centerpieces, best favors, photo booths, candy buffets, and a million other things.

So, as a resolution to myself I am going to keep it simple from here on out.  I'm not going to obsess over making sure that we get the perfect table runners to go with our theme, the perfect color of paper for the escort cards, or the cutest decorations for the buffet table.. it's all going to come together in the end and the most important thing is that Jeremiah will be my husband, and I will be his wife. And that is what makes me smile about it all <3

46 Days to Go

As the count down to the big day continues, I feel like I can't seem to get anything done!

The dress is picked out and at alterations, I've got the shoes, the garter, and the accessories.  A hair appointment, a nail appointment and all of that.  The menu is in place, and the dj is on call, and the cake is all picked out.  And yet, the to-do list is ever expanding!  We still have to figure out the actual wedding program, and what the heck the men will wear (last minute i know!), along with about a million tiny (but big!) things.  

All the while I have amazing friends and family here to help with almost everything.  I know that as long as we can all get together and celebrate that day, anything else in the world could go wrong, and it'll still be okay.  The Dj could blow a fuse, and the food be terrible, and my dress rip up the side, and fall flat on my face up the aisle.. and after freaking out for a minute (come one it is me.. u know i'd cry for a bit) but then I would be able to look around at my amazing friends and family and my perfect-for-me husband and know that all is right in the world.

I am going to Fayetteville for one more wedding planning marathon weekend this month.  Tori and I will be meeting with the venue, caterer, photographer, baker, DJ, hairdresser, mens wearhouse, and about a million other things.  Oh, and the Bachelorette/Bridal party!  I am super excited to get together with my favorite ladies and have a fantastic evening at the dueling piano bar! 


Yesterday morning we celebrated the promotion of CPL Miravalle to SGT!  He as always been a leader no matter what rank or position he was in and has had this coming a long time!  He was pinned by CW2 Caraska, our Vessel Master and Detachment 1 Commander.

Congratulations SGT Miravalle!

It's an Army Kind of Halloween!

The holiday season is officially upon us with the passing of Halloween.  This year I was away from home for some Army training (again) and spent it celebrating with my Army Family.

My soldiers are gearing up for their deployment and training hard in California.  I decided to surprise them with Pizza, Cake and Soda after a long day of training.  It was great getting to see them relax and enjoy themselves.  They are working so hard!