Rehearsal Dinner

As promised, the first of a few updates to let everyone know how our Wedding Week went!  It was an amazing week, and everything went so well!  We had our rehearsal on Tuesday at the Town center, it didn't take that long and we were able to get a basic idea of what was going on for the ceremony.

After the rehearsal, we headed out to Penguin Ed's Barbeque in Fayetteville, AR.  This has always been my favorite place for some southern BBQ, and it was so much fun to get all of our friends and family together there!  We had some great food, gave gifts out to our families and wedding party, and got to spend some time with out favorite people! We even gave my dad his birthday cake too!

Updates coming soon!

Wow!  This week has been amazing!  We will update the blog soon with pictures from the rehearsal dinner, the wedding and everything else we have been doing on our Christmas leave!  Thanks for checking in on us!

Two Days to Go!

Well, the decorations are separated out, and everything seems ready to go!  This morning we went out to breakfast with my parents at a local coffee shop called Common Grounds.  It is my favorite place to go for breakfast in Fayetteville.  They have a delicious coffee bar, and the food is always yummy!  It was nice getting to spend some more time with Dad and Susan, and my cousin Charles came as well so we got to talk over some ceremony logistics as well.

After breakfast, I went to Revive Day Spa for a Salt Glow Scrub and massage and it was amazing!  They were so friendly and they helped be get relaxed and ready for the days to come.  Jeremiah went to the mall and picked up some things for the family Christmas.

We spent the afternoon exchanging gifts with the Fountain family, and took a nap as well.  Then I headed over to Tori's house to get the last bit of wedding organization out of the way so that for the next two days I think I might be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy everything!

Road Trip!

We made it to Arkansas!!
After over 48 hours in the car.. and 2,300+ miles of driving, we finally arrived! The roads were clear the whole way, and we made great time! Now that we are here there is plenty to do. Thank goodness for having the new car though, we had a lot more room and we were a lot more comfortable than we would have been in my tiny little Saturn!
Last night, we went to my grandparents house and Jeremiah finally met my Grandpa, Grandma and my step-mom. We got to have a little desert and everyone got along great!

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Seven Days!

Oh my goodness!  This time really is flying by!  Except when I am work.. then it seems to take forever!

Today I made sure to get to work extra extra early so that I could leave early too.  Then I took the Jetta in to get the new stereo (with bluetooth!) installed.  While it was getting it's upgrade I went and pampered myself by getting my mani-pedi on at the nail salon!

Since we got home it's been a whirlwind of activity while we are packing our stuff for the big trip.  A bag for the ski gear, a bag for the wedding stuff, two bags of clothes between us.. and the list just seems to be getting longer.  Not to mention that the wedding dress takes up the entire trunk!  Yikes!  Jeremiah has his work cut out for him when he packs the car up tomorrow.

Last night I went over everything and it still seams like it is all going to be okay.  I even got to call Stephanie at Catchlight Photography today and I am so excited about getting Sam and Stephanie to do our wedding!

Well it's off to finalize some more things and assemble the announcements!  Good night all!

Counting Down the Days!

Whoah!  Where did all the time go?  Is the wedding really only a week and a half away?!  I feel like I should be a lot more stressed than I am.  I have either really been organized enough that everything is falling into place, or I am successfully blocking out all of the planning shortcomings from my mind.  Either way, I am enjoying the time right now.  

I have the final dress fitting tomorrow and I'm picking up the dress.  This will be followed by some whirl-wind beauty appointments this week such as power tanning, pedicure and manicure.  Should be interesting.  but fun to get all dolled up!  

Also excited about getting a new stereo installed into the new car courtesy of Aunt Ann & Uncle Don as well as Jeremiah!  Fantastic Christmas present!  And just in time for our cross country trip!  We can use bluetooth for phone calls and play music from my iPhone on it too!

I did manage to send out a schedule for the wedding this week.  I certainly do seem like like a bridezilla when I send out a three page schedule of events.  But that is really me, so oh well.  I am a bit of a planner so to speak.  Luckily that is what I do for a job too lol.

Anyways, I will try to post on here during the coming week about the thoughts and things that lead up to the wedding! Ciao!

New Car!

Whoohoo!  Christmas has come a little bit early to our house!  I got a new car on Sunday night and it is fantastic!  It's a 2007 Jetta :)

We got it just in time to take it across the country for the holidays!  I am really excited about having new wheels, and I got a great deal on it too!  Vroom Vroom!

Keepin' it Cute

Kept myself entertained by making a cute new name canvas to 
hang over Lucy's new dog bowls.  Love it!

Sweet Surprise

This week has been very hectic!  I don't know if there was actually more going on, or it it is because it is the first full week that I have had to work in a while, but it felt like it took forever to get to the weekend!  

Today was no different, and I didn't get home from work until after seven! But as I walked into the house I spotted a little box on the counter.  There was a note that said, "Early Merry Christmas!  Love you baby!" and a sweet surprise inside!

Thank you so much Jeremiah!  You are so thoughtful and it is 
exactly what I wanted to start our collection!  

It has already found a home on our tree <3