We're Moving!

The Blog that is!  

Well friends.. after much contemplation and fence sitting.. 
I have decided to make the move to Wordpress! I have gotten a lot of feedback from readers during this process and I appreciate everyone's support as I make this transition!

So, if you would like to find out what's going on with us in the future, check out Delight In Your Life on WordPress!

Thank you everyone!


A Sad Day for American Military

Waking up to the news that dozens of American soldiers were killed in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan was a bit of a shock to the system..

As a soldier and as a military spouse, events like this really hit close to home.  I think about how their families will open their doors today to a Chaplain, and their lives will never be the same.  It brings to mind the fear of it happening to us..  Hubby served in Iraq, and it was a constant fear that one day he would be injured or killed.  I will admit that for a selfish second, I thanked the Lord that Hubby is not deploying this year and that it wasn't him.

My heart breaks, absolutely shatters, for the loved ones who are affected by today's tragedy.  I cannot even put into words the deep sorrow that I feel for them..  I pray that the Lord gives them strength and peace as they build their lives one moment at a time.  May their sacrifice never be forgotten..

San Juan Island Adventure

Our last bit of adventure on our Summer 2011 road trip was a day trip to the San Juan Islands!  We took the ferry from Anacortes, WA really early in the morning...

And picked up some mopeds to tour around the island on!

{that's Hubby getting his little safety talk}

{That's me rockin' out the moped!}

We saw some great scenery..

And a really pretty Lavender Farm...

And even a camel!

But mostly we had a great time exploring the island with each other!

After which we made the short {but seemingly long} road trip home!  Phew! What a great vacation!  



Winthrop, Washington is a cute little town that has an old west theme...

The wood-plank sidewalks line the streets, and the whole town embraces it's gold mining history and ranch roots..

Like Leavenworth, the signs for the stores are hand painted and incorporate the western motif..

They have a museum in town with a lot of artifacts from the founders of the town and the history of how they went from a struggling gold mining town to the tourist destination they are today.. and the only thing that i absolutely loved in there was.. a sewing machine! hahaha

{check out the detailed paint job on this beauty!  it's amazin!}

We set up camp just outside of town..

Right next to the river..

{pretty convenient for dishes.. and of course this is the one time hubby picks up the camera lol..}

Check out the cute seat carved into a tree!

Even the campsite had it's own little touristy attraction lol..


Then hubby and i planned out the route for the next day by the light of the campfire.. and our handy dandy headlamp..

The morning greeted us with another sight common in Winthrop..

{so pretty!  i'd love to go up in one someday.. hint hint hubby!}

Stay tuned for more from our road trip adventures!


Lake Chelan

After our brief stop at the Rocky Reach Dam, we headed up to Lake Chelan for two nights of relaxation!  We got really lucky, and we were able to get a campsite right on the water!

{pretty swanky if i do say so myself...}

{our view from the campsite!  the lake was absolutely beautiful!}

{the water was soooo cold!  the lake is fed by glacier run-off}

{hubby made some really really yummy steaks over the fire!}

{hubby loved fishing!}

{he caught us a little bit of dinner!}

{he cleaned it all up...}

{it was so delish!}

I lay out in the sun most of those two days.. it was wonderful!  I even got a tan!  A first since moving to Washington.  Lake Chelan was definitely a spot that we plan on going back to.  It would be a great place to celebrate a long weekend like Memorial Day!