We're Moving!

The Blog that is!  

Well friends.. after much contemplation and fence sitting.. 
I have decided to make the move to Wordpress! I have gotten a lot of feedback from readers during this process and I appreciate everyone's support as I make this transition!

So, if you would like to find out what's going on with us in the future, check out Delight In Your Life on WordPress!

Thank you everyone!


A Sad Day for American Military

Waking up to the news that dozens of American soldiers were killed in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan was a bit of a shock to the system..

As a soldier and as a military spouse, events like this really hit close to home.  I think about how their families will open their doors today to a Chaplain, and their lives will never be the same.  It brings to mind the fear of it happening to us..  Hubby served in Iraq, and it was a constant fear that one day he would be injured or killed.  I will admit that for a selfish second, I thanked the Lord that Hubby is not deploying this year and that it wasn't him.

My heart breaks, absolutely shatters, for the loved ones who are affected by today's tragedy.  I cannot even put into words the deep sorrow that I feel for them..  I pray that the Lord gives them strength and peace as they build their lives one moment at a time.  May their sacrifice never be forgotten..

San Juan Island Adventure

Our last bit of adventure on our Summer 2011 road trip was a day trip to the San Juan Islands!  We took the ferry from Anacortes, WA really early in the morning...

And picked up some mopeds to tour around the island on!

{that's Hubby getting his little safety talk}

{That's me rockin' out the moped!}

We saw some great scenery..

And a really pretty Lavender Farm...

And even a camel!

But mostly we had a great time exploring the island with each other!

After which we made the short {but seemingly long} road trip home!  Phew! What a great vacation!