21 Day Challenge

Since moving into our new home, it's been a whirlwind of unpacking, and it hasn't always been the most planned out process.  There are boxes still waiting for the light of day in our "office" room.  The junk drawer is already unruly.. and don't get me started on the garage..

I spotted this challenge on the Bowl Full of Lemons blog.  Toni breaks it down one project at a time on organizing your home!  So, in an effort to whip this house into shape, I say bring it on!

So here it goes!
*I probably wont do one each day, but spread it out!
*Oh and since I don't have children yet, I'm going to substitute something else for "Toy Organization" but we will see...

  1. Junk Drawer
  2. Computer Desk
  3. Tupperware Cabinet
  4. Linen Closet
  5. Under the Kitchen Sink
  6. Dresser Drawers
  7. The Pantry
  8. Coat Closet
  9. Toy organization
  10. Laundry Room
  11. The Freezer
  12. Spice Cabinet
  13. Medicine Cabinet
  14. Under Bathroom sink
  15. Medicine/Vitamin storage
  16. The Fridge
  17. The Mail
  18. Keepsakes
  19. Master Closet
  20. Photos
  21. You Pick! {The Office!}