House Hunting!

It is hard to believe sometimes that it has been a year since I returned to Washington after Officer School.  But here we are, nearing the end of our lease, and exploring rental houses in the area.  After looking into all of the different areas we had to choose from, we still had a lot to figure out.

This weekend we actually went on some walk throughs and I think we may have found "the one!"  It is right near base with plenty of room to grow into during the next few years.  The property manager is really helpful, and we're going to make some more progress towards signing the lease this week!  We are so excited to be moving into a real house, and making it our home!

Season Opener!

Today was an absolutely beautiful day!  The sky was robin's egg blue with not a cloud to be found.  As we pulled up to Mugnuson Park in Seattle, the sun was shining off of the lake and you could swear that it was the middle of the summer instead of the middle of February.  But opening the car doors we were assaulted by the arctic biting wind coming down from Canada.  It was almost enough to take the breath out of me!

So cold before the race!  But excited!
This was the opening race of the season for me.  Just a little 5K along the shores of Lake Washington to get the juices flowing and get into the running spirit.  Jeremiah came along to cheer me along and it felt good to have my own cheering section there for me.   I'm working up to doing the 1/2 Marathon in Tacoma this May, so each month I am doing a longer and longer race to gear up.  We hadn't even gotten home before I registered for my next race:  The Mercer Island Rotary 10K on March 20th!

Finally done!  Hmmm... have to work
on that time though!

Long Run

After five days off of the running trails, I'll be heading back out tomorrow morning.  I know that five days isn't that long, but in running time it feels like eternity.  My Monday morning run wasn't a strong one either.  It was what some would call "junk miles"  where I didn't really get much out of it and didn't make any progress towards my final goal. 

Tomorrow I'm going for four miles.  It will be the longest distance I have done so far, and I am trying not to get worked up about it.  There are several factors that could work against me on this run including diminished lung function due to illness.  But the trade off is that I am getting increasingly anxious about my countdown to the half marathon.  The motivation to finish may be enough to keep me going during my long run tomorrow.

Hope it works!

Our Wedding Pictures!

We just got our wedding pictures this week from Catchlight Photography!  They look fantastic, and we are really excited to share them with you.  Here is a little video of them! Enjoy!