Papa is coming to town!

Only one more day until my dad is in town!  Today we have been a hive of activity getting the house ready and getting groceries.  I am so excited to get to see him, and this will be the first time that Jeremiah and my dad are meeting face to face. Such an exciting time!

Jeremiah made some delicious honey mustard chicken on the grill for dinner while I got a big salad together. I love getting to make dinner together and have some good R&R on the weekends!  So thank you Christopher Columbus for giving us a four day weekend :)

Oh, and the stamps that I ordered for the wedding invitations came in today!  I am super excited about getting to finish up the invites and send them out to everyone.  I am still trying to track down the last few addresses but hopefully my address book will be complete soon, because these have got to get out soon!