Sunday Runday!

There is something so invigorating about starting the day with a run.  Especially when you don't have to do it.  A lot of people might assume that since I am in the Army that I run all the time, but this is not the case.  I actually have said quite often that I hate running.  But running because you want to and running because the Army says so are two different types of running.

This morning, Jeremiah and I emerged from our house at 0615 and ran together for the first time.  I had forgotten how much I actually enjoy having someone to run with!  It makes me feel more motivated and keeps me going longer.  Granted, I am a slower pace runner than he is so his stride was compressed and that probably didn't feel to great, but he was a good sport about it.  Even with the rain, it felt good to be out there.

We also discovered when we got back to the house that the loop that we ran is exactly two miles, perfect for me to practice for the PT test.   We think we might even start going for a run together every Sunday.  Sounds like a great addition to our routine!

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