Linen Closet.. Organization Challenge #4

My first step towards our bathroom makeover, and part of my 21 Days to Getting Organized Challenge!

Our house does not actually have a linen closet... so since we moved in, I have been storing the towels and sheets here...  in a plastic tub under the bathroom counter:

Classy, no?

Well, I think it's about time for an upgrade!  
So,  there is also this little nook in the bathroom:

Presumably where a normal homebuilder would have put a shower stall, but apparently not the builder that did our house.   It doesn't even have an outlet to make it a more usable space.  

But I digress..  To change this space into our new "linen closet" I took one of our Ikea 3 drawer chests, the shower curtain from our old house, and my favorite orchid plant.. and... {drumroll please}


All of our towels and sheets have a brand new home!

We will see how long I can keep it looking this good!

Have you gotten any organizing done this week?
Spring Cleaning has arrived!