Living Room Makeover - Part 3

Well, things are really starting to shape up around here!  The room is almost public ready folks!  I found a few more goodies (at great prices!) for the living room.  I also decided to take some items out of the room that I originally thought I would use, like our canvases from our wedding pictures.  I think those will find a new home in the hallway.

We now have a snazzy new area rug in here that brings the room together.  I love all of the different shades it brought in!  It gives me more to work with when I'm looking for new stuff.

I also made a little arrangement that helps hide some of the outlets in the room.  It came together pretty well.

I also put up our stars!  I started the collection when we lived in the townhouse, and my friend Jamie helped me get a few more after the move.  I'm not sure I like how they are hung yet, so we will see.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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