No Meat Athlete.. Stumbling Mumbling Monday

Today's stumbling adventure took me to The No Meat Athlete!

I'll admit, the catchy title and the cute running carrot caught my eye, but the content really drew me in.  The post I originally found had tips to overcome a slump in training...

OMG.  I am totally thinking I could use this idea the next time my mind wanders on the trail..  da da da dummmm!  Super-Myra!

Ok, super geeky, but I'm diggin' it.  They also had some other great tips:

I've been trying to not obsess too much about how super-slow I am when I go running.  In fact, I usually hesitate to call it running as much as jogging/airborne-shuffling..  So this tip was perfect to put in perspective on how just sticking to it can help.

To top off my uber-geeky running post, I have actually already down loaded Once a Runner and have yet to read it.  It's just been sitting there, on my Nook, all lonely and begging to be opened up and read.. well my book friend, tonight just might be your night!

Have a great run everyone!

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Miss Organizized said...

Great. I'm going to be on this site ALL DAY now. ;) I love the super hero idea!! When I first started running, I thought of myself as a super hero. A different Katie. A runner Katie. Now since I've been running for a couple years, running is part of my personality, so it's difficult to remember that super hero Katie from back in the day. Gotta bring her back!!