Learning to Ride!

This week, I got the opportunity to take the Basic Motorcycle Safety Course!

As a Soldier, I have to take this in order to ride a motorcycle.. and Washington State recognizes it so I wont have to take a test at the licensing office!  {bonus!}  And my unit paid for it! {extra bonus!}

The first day was beautiful outside as we learned braking, turning, and shifting skills.

I basically fell in love with riding!

Unfortunately, the second day was much, much wetter!!

We did some tight turns, quick stops, swerving and obstacles the second day!

Followed by a test of course {booo!}  which I passed {yay!}

Even with being soaking wet, and freezing cold, I still think it's pretty awesome..  who knows maybe I'll convince hubby to get me a bike of my own ;)

Check this one off of the bucket list!

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Miss Organizized said...

I want to take a class SO BAD!! A friend of mine just did and said it was awesome! But you're right...I feel like I'd want to buy a bike REAL bad afterward. I wanna be in a bike gang and travel the country!!!