Memorial Day: We will always remember.

Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen, and their families make sacrifices everyday to help protect our country. Whether it is going on a patrol in a remote village, or raising children as a sometimes-single parent, they persevere so that you can carry on your normal day to day. Please take a moment to remember the reason behind the holiday as you celebrate.

I especially want to take a moment to honor those who gave their all, 
who have been a personal influence on my life:

CPT James Blackshire
 January 5, 1945

PFC Bryan Spry 
Iraq, February 13, 2004

SFC Clint Ferrin
Iraq, March 13, 2004

SGT Daniel Londono
Iraq, March 13, 2004

PFC Joel Brattain
Iraq, March 13, 2004

PFC Sonny Soto
July 2, 2006

SPC Jeremy Woods
August 27, 2010

You will never be forgotten.

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