The Tupperware Cabinet

This is #3  of the 21 Day Organization Challenge!

Ok, and I will admit that once upon a time, I was a Tupperware Saleslady.  I love Tupperware.  I just wish I could afford more of it.  This is actually only half of what I once had, having split the collection up during a breakup.. long story.. Anyways..

Here is the before picture:

Yowza!  I took everything out of the cabinet and put it up on the counter.

Wiped out the cabinet and made it spick and span again.

Then I worked on matching up all the containers with their lids.  This took longer than I thought it would.  And I ended up with some lonely lids.  Sad day.  I thought I was going to end up with containers without lids, not the other way around... strange...

Then I tucked everything back in, nice and neat.  :)

How is your organizing going?

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