4 Bloggy Tidbits

Hellooo out there bloggy land!

Who are you again?  Have you been here before?  Well, today is your lucky day anonymous bloggy stalker!  I've got four little hints for you:

1.  I love comments.  It's true.  A narcissist at heart {and what blogger isn't at least a tinsy bit?}  I love knowing that you loved {or didn't love} what I've been writing about!  And besides, we all know that I don't know everything, so what you have to say could really help me out!  You are always welcome to add to the conversation.

2.  I delete spam.  My love for comments aside, I really dislike getting my blog all gunked up with irrelevant nonsense.  So, if you're just leavin' a link to your Viagra factory website, move along!

3.  Relevant links are encouraged.  Have you blogged or found a site about the very topic or project that I just talked about?  Share it honey!  I love getting new ideas and seeing how other people tackled the same things.  Sharing is caring sweetie!

4.  Become a follower.  Did you know that i've got over one hundred people pokin' around at this blog each day?  Sweet, right?  Hmmm... only ten {amazing!} followers though...  I wonder what that could mean.  Is it becuase I smell?  Here's the deal ya'll, I love sharing my crazy projects, yummy recipes, and quirky tidbits with you.  And I would love to know who I'm sharing them with.  Besides, once we get the numbers up, I am going to start doing giveaways.  And who doesn't love free stuff?

Okay, okay I'm going to get off the soapbox now ya'll.  But not before sayin' that I love ya!


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