My Apologies Friends...

You ever have those nights where you get home and you're just... blah?

Yep, that's been me.  For a week.  Work is just suckin' the life outta me lately ya'll!  I haven't posted in forever, and just wanted let you all know that life has just been so crazy, that i've not really had a chance to do anything!

I'm bout halfway through remaking a cabinet for the laundry room.. and have no idea when i'll get that finished..

And I still need to paint said laundry room before hanging said cabinet..

AND I leave for my long trip to Alaska in just a couple short weeks!  yikes!

I'll work on getting some more stuff up here soon!


Kempto said...

take me with you to Alaska!

J & M said...

I wish I could chica! I'll be heading out to Bethel, which is waaaaay out in the middle of BFE. Shame I'll be there for work though, it is supposed to be beautiful in the summer!