First Attempt at Royal Icing

If you happened to spot my blog yesterday, you'd know that I found the most amazing blog called Bake at 350!  I was so inspired, that I decided to try to create some royal icing cookies myself.  So, first off I made some delish sugar cookie rollouts.

Next up, I made the Royal Icing using powdered sugar, meringue powder, water, almond extract and a heck of a lot of mixing!  Somehow, I got wrapped up in the whole process and didn't get a picture of making the icing... or outlining the cookies... Soooo the next step was flooding the cookies with frosting.

Next I mixed up some cute blue icing and tried my hand at decorating the cookies!  

They aren't dry yet in this picture, but they're pretty cute, huh?  I think I might try again.. and start earlier in the day!  Now it's time to sleep.  Goodnight everybody!  

Update:  Here is how they looked after drying.  Yum!  

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