Stumbling Mumbling Monday...

Today, my stumbling mumbling took me to the cutest, sweetest blog that I have found in a while.  Bake at 350 is a *delicious* way to spend my internet time!  Bridget is so inspiring and her blog makes me want to jump up and bake some yummy and cute cookies!

Just check out these amazing Scrabble cookies that she made! 

And these adorable Pickles and Ice Cream cookies!

 The best part is that she links everything together step by step to help newbies like me follow along.  I am going to try some royal icing adventures myself while Jeremiah is in the field this time.  She has so many cute designs!!  I haven't tried Royal icing yet, but this could be fantastic!  I'm thinking some yellow ribbon cookies might be coming soon!


Anonymous said...

Yellow ribbon cookies are a cute idea. That cookie in Arkansas....that was the best I ever had. Wonder if that bakery would give you the recipe if they knew it was for "the troops."

Jessica said...

thanks for posting! i love making cookies, so i am eager to check this site out! and your cookies turned out great.